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Welcome to Done Yesterday Solar.  We provide a range of products and services based on solar technology.  We offer "do it yourself" solutions such as the Solar Ramp, and Solar Ramp Jr., and also a full line of residential and commercial, solar options.  So whether you want to provide your own power, or have it professionally installed, we offer the best solutions at the best prices on the market.  Contact us today for a free quote, or to schedule a delivery.

Contact Pete Temple at (303) 884-3381.

keychain solar flashlights Self Installed Solutions:
Here is a flashlight that never needs batteries.  Just place the flashlight anywhere where it gets sun, and it will be ready to go when you need it.  Perfect for backpacks, on the dash board of your car, or in any window that gets sun.  Never be without light when you need it.  $5.00 each.
folding solar panel This portable folding solar panel produces a full 40 watts of power to rapid charge many devices and batteries.  It comes with a full set of laptop tips to charge nearly any laptop.  It also has a built in USB port to charge the most hungry of devices.  As a bonus it also comes with jumper cables to charge car and marine batteries.  Perfect for RV owners, campers, and emergency use.
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briefcase solar generator Solar generator 40.  This briefcase contains a full solar generator capable of running small appliances, and 12 volt accessories.  Contained inside the unit are 40 watts of solar panels, a charge controller, and inverter, and 48 amp hours of batteries.  The unit can be charged by the sun or included AC cord.  Full digital display keeps track of everything.  The case is also a rolling cart for easy transport and storage.  Perfect for RV's, camping, emergencies, and outdoor events.
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solar ramp jr The Solar Ramp Jr. - is an off-grid portable solar generator.  Take your power with you while camping, or use it for emergency power outages.  Comes with powerful solar panels, and a deep cycle marine battery.
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Solar Ramp The Solar Ramp - is a self installed grid tie modular system that is "plug and play".  You determine the number of panels based on your energy needs.  We provide you with a kit to make it all work.  No electrical wiring needed, just plug it in any outlet in your home and start saving on your electric bills.  This kit can also be modified to charge a battery bank for emergency power in your home.
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residential-solar Dealer Installed Solutions:

Residential install - Want to take full advantage of current rebates and tax incentives?  Our trained installers will install a grid tied system on your home using state of the art solar panels, and micro inverters.  We provide all permits, design and install services, and will help you obtain any rebates your power company is providing.  Our panels, and micro inverters come with a 25 year limited warranty.  You own the system, and get to keep 100% of the rebates, tax credits, and energy savings.  Compare that to leasing companies who keep your rebates, tax credits and up to 80% of your energy savings!  Residential clients have no out of pocket cost, and will see immediate cost savings over traditional electric bills. 
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Commercial install - Current rebates, tax incentives and depreciation make solar a terrific business investment.  By offsetting your electrical costs, taking advantages of tax credits, depreciation, and rebates, your solar system will cost pennies on the dollar and generate you cash for 25 to 40 years.  Most mid sized companies can save over one million dollars installing solar.  Nearly any property that is connected to a power grid can use this technology, malls, strip malls, car washes, car lots, storage rental lots, apartment complexes, rental homes.  The list is endless.  Contact us today for a free quote and financing options.  This is the best, and safest, investment you can make for the life of your business.
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Check how much of the Xcel rebates are left here.

* Currently we install systems as dealers in Colorado.  If you would like to look into solar in another state contact us for a referral to a qualified company in your area.

Solar panels We have pallets of high quality solar panels standing by for install.  Give us a call today at (303) 884-3381 for a free quote on a solar installed system for your home or business.  Rebates are nearly gone in Colorado so don't delay.



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